Thursday, 30 August 2012

Mobile Game Development

Remember the good’ol days when Snake provided more entertainment than the idiot box. As time swept past us, mobile had their reinvention. They became better, faster within no time. Suddenly a VGA equipped camera phone looked obsolete & people experimented with Mega pixels & what not. Compare a decade old phone with any of its modern siblings & you’ll be amazed how rapidly things changed over time. Modern phones aka Smartphones now incorporate technology that can guide you through a street via GPS, an application up till a few years actively used in warfare. Many things have been introduced over the years.

The human aspirations are never satisfied as more is always welcomed. Today’s mobile phones can make your life a whole better & entertained. Different platforms allow different apps that provide a sometimes free source of endless joy. Apps are known for entertaining the users beyond measure. Games like Angry Birds, Cut the rope & Temple Run are very popular across all smartphones. Trust the fact that you reach to a potential 1 billion users, mobile game development is a huge market. Game development these days is not just limited to one particular genre. Games nowadays have several hundred genres which cater to different individual needs. Shooting, Racing, Strategy, Action, Arcade, Adventure- the list is long enough to spend an entire lifetime.

Some key reasons why Mobile Game Development is a huge accomplishment:

1. No easy task : Different platforms, different software’s, different hardware’s make the life of game developers hard. Mobile platform being so diverse these days that there is little scope of any standardization which sharply increases project complexities as all procedures have to be redone again & again to maintain quality control.

2. Complex yet simple : As people want more & more from every generation, mobile game development is an uphill task. Creating new functionalities within a system requires highly qualified professionals, technology & gadgetry. The essence of mobile games is creating something fascinating yet being simple enough to be used by normal people with average minds. Don’t worry, you could still play snake just as easy.

3. Project Delivery & Costs : Gaming projects are something which are trend based. Identifying the trend can give us an opportunity to create something unique that would catch the fancy of a mobile gamer. But implementation of any project is a time consuming prospect. Development, testing & marketing takes time which is crucial as trends keep fluctuating over time. No point spending time & money on a project that can’t be utilized in the market once the trend is gone & dusted. Hence Mobile Game Development needs to understand the trend changing nature & suitably delivery projects within the scope of time. Once successfully pursued, the dividends are truly rich!